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The winter vegetable garden

The winter vegetable garden

cottura 5-7 minuti

  • Difficoltà:
  • Dosi per:
    4 persone
  • Tempo di preparazione:
    20 minuti
  • Tempo di cottura:
    20 minuti


  • Buckwheat half rigatoni with beetroot, pumpkin, spinaches and aubergine


Cut the aubergine in two halves and bake it with salt, pepper, oil and sachet. Cook for 20 minutes at 180 °C. Cub the beetroot and pumpkin in cubes. Cook them separately with oil. Scald the spinach leaves and lather with extra virgin olive oil. Drain the aubergine and blend it. Cook rigatoni al dente in salted water. Fry pumpkin and beet in oil with shallots, adding the spinaches and finally the aubergine. Add then the rigatoni to the whole. Fill the aubergine with pasta and place it in a dish.

Enjoy your meal

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