FAQ - Gluten Free Felicia


1Are your products free from milk, lactose, egg, soy, nuts, peanuts or other allergens?
In our company we only use gluten-free and non-allergenic raw materials and our production lines only work flours without gluten and without allergen.
2What is the origin of the flours you use? Do you have a process for tracking? Do you use pesticides for your flours?
Flours are both of EU and extra EU origin. We have a procedure to track all the raw materials that enter our factory. Our company does not use pesticides and the flours are in compliance with legal limits.
3Where is your pasta produced? Is the factory totally devoted to gluten-free?
Our pasta is produced in Italy, in Puglia, in our factory in Gravina in Puglia (BA); the factory is exclusively devoted to the production of gluten-free food.
4Do you have a certificate of origin for the wheat? Do you have specifications of the processing method relating to your pasta and flours?
We have all the certificates of origin listed for each raw material used; we also have detailed specifications of the working method.
5Are your products 100% vegan? Do they contain animal ingredients, animal derivatives or animal proteins?
All our products are of plant origin and do not contain animal ingredients, animal derivatives or animal protein; we have Vegan certified products, marked on the package with its identifying logo.
6What is the maximum limit of gluten that your pasta can contain?
The maximum limit of gluten that our pasta can contain is 10 ppm.
7The pasta is not cooked after 20 minutes in boiling water, why?
For gluten-free pasta, you must observe the cooking instructions given on the package and the specific cooking times for each product; in general, the preparation method requires to boil one liter of water and add 7 g of salt; then, add 100g of pasta and cook for the indicated cooking time, stirring occasionally.
8Can your gluten-free pasta contain gluten for cross contamination?
It is not possible because in our company we only work gluten-free raw materials and every raw material is checked prior to acceptance and entrance into the factory.
9Do you have a certified factory? Which company and product certifications do you have?
Our factory is BIO, IFS, BRC, GLUTEN-FREE certified.